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Pacific Audio & Alarm install and modify custom-designed enclosures that fit name brand subwoofers. The subwoofer enclosures are designed to deliver quality sound. Pacific Audio & Alarm also make their own particular custom-designed subwoofer enclosures to fit 2001 and current GMC Denalis, Chevy Tahoes, and GMC Yukons.

*An example of Pacific Audio & Alarmís subwoofer enclosure is provided for your convenience.

2001 Subwoofer Enclosure
The following is a 10 inch 2001 subwoofer enclosure. The enclosure is made up of six layers of laminated fiberglass that is laid by hand. The subwoofer enclosure is supported brackets made of steel to hold the enclosure firmly to the vehicle. Acoustic material is placed inside the subwoofer enclosure to reduce vibrations and deliver better clarity to the music. Purchase Me

2003 Kenwood LCD Console Unit
Here is the console molding that fits a Kenwood LZ-800 6.8 inch LCD. The console is hand fabricated and color matched with the interior of the vehicle. This console replaces the existing console located in any 2003 and beyond GMC trucks, Yukon, Chevy Tahoe, and Suburban. Purchase Me