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Sports Car

2003 Saleen Mustang
Top of the line for the Mustangs is the Saleen and this proud owner was looking for extra protection to safeguard his investment. A Clifford Intelliguard 8000 was chosen because it features an ignition and starter kill, protection for the hood and trunk, flashing parking lights, optional remote headlight activation, an optional remote trunk pop, and a dual zone proximity sensor.

1990 Ferrari Pininfarina
It maybe getting older, but this Ferrari is like a fine wine, it keeps getting better with age. So, to help it keep young and youthful we fired up the
sound system with a multimedia LCD display unit, a Rockford amp, and a pair of JL speakers.

Vintage Chevy Corvette
This classic Chevy Corvette came to us for a little modernization. We installed a new Sony head unit with a matching Sony CD disc changer, an Alpine amp, and a pair of speakers.

1996 Ford Cobra
This Cobra has a healthy appetite for the finer things in life and we wanted to satisfy, so we installed multiple multimedia and performance products to turn this snake into a double threat. Click the installation buttons to see what we did with the audio or go to to view the high performance end of the project.

2002 Audi TT
The Audi TT is a great car and the owner wanted more power in the audio department, so we installed an amp in the trunk.

2005 Mustang
This all new 2005 Mustang now comes fully loaded with the latest technology with a touch screen Kenwood LCD. With this this installation, it makes you wonder why Ford didn't have all new Mustangs come with it stock.